Salt Lake City (Good Things Utah) – Graphic design is one of the best ways to get your business out there! Using a creative logo to capture viewers’ eyes helps create a relationship between business owners and customers. Mckenzie Wallace joined us today to talk about her business using graphic design to encapture and tell a story for local companies across Utah.

Graphic design is so much more than a logo. By using a design, you can say something beyond what can be articulated with words. A good design can create an emotional response from the viewer, creating more attachment to the product or message.

Hiring a professional to create a logo for one’s business is essential to ensure you get the best product possible for customers and viewers. Mckenzie is passionate about taking the time to understand her client’s audiences and what message they want to convey through a design. 

Mckenzie uses her designs to bolster people in the community trying to do good. She believes in making the world a more beautiful place by creating enjoyable designs. 

You can find more information about where to shop for these services on Mckenzie’s Instagram at or view her website at