Salt Lake City (Good Things Utah) – Megann Gunderson and Cole Gunderson are the founders of Good Hope Bakery. They started their gluten free business at the end of September 2022, were noticed at the Gluten Free Expo in September, and quickly became known as the “gluten-free Crumbl.” A famous foodie saw the Gunderson’s at the Expo and helped them grow from 100 followers to 1000 within days, and they have continued to grow. 

Good Hope Bakery’s products are celiac friendly. They operate in a gluten-free facility and use certified gluten-free oat flour. Good Hope ships nationwide, and all of its products can be frozen. To minimize shipping costs, it is recommended to store enough in your freezer at home. If each serving is individually wrapped, they can last up to 6 months frozen. Outside the freezer, it is recommended to eat within ten days. When 30 or more items are ordered at a time, free shipping is received. Free local pickup is also available at their location in 

Springville Utah. Utah locals click to start your order to pick up within 1 to 2 hours.

All of Good Hope’s products are gluten-free. However, they are also tree nut and peanut free. They shared with GTU that they don’t have any nuts in their products and no nuts enter the facility. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram

You can find Good Hope’s cookies in 7 Great Harvests, Grinders Coffee in Orem, all About Bakery in American Fork, Marvelous Catering, Isabel’s Catering, and many other shops in Utah. Get 20% off today with code goodthingsutah20.