Nathan and Priscilla Andersen joined us in the studio today and showed us their creative takes on historical art.  

Nathan Andersen and his daughter Priscilla turn historical paintings into art involving cats, substituting characters found in famous pieces for cats. Nathan Andersen said that his inspiration for the paintings came from wanting to get his kids just as excited about classical art as he is. Priscilla sells the CopyCat art at kids’ markets and you can find more of the art online. 

The art is digitally printed onto a canvas and a little informational sheet is placed on the back of the canvas with information about the art piece. For an additional price, customers can have an acrylic gel coat added to the canvas to make it look like a hand-painted art piece.  

Viewers can find the prints at or under the Instagram username  

Viewers can also use the promotional code “gtu20off” for 20% off your next order!