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It’s been more than 6 years since Sarah of The Dainty Pear started taking family photos each Sunday, and she can count on one hand the number of times her family has missed doing it! Why Sunday? It’s a day she says they’re (mostly) all ready for the day, and look at least a tiny bit presentable, but it doesn’t have to be Sunday! Make any occasion a special one to snap a family picture! Did someone lose a tooth? Family photo! Potty trained? Photo! Award at school? Photo! You get the drift. If you make it predictable, everyone will know to expect it and it becomes tradition.

The number one way to not be discouraged or overwhelmed by it is to not care what it looks like. If someone’s crying, take it anyway. Are you in sweats or pj’s? Take it anyway. We don’t need to look back and think that everything was perfect in every moment, says Sarah. Some of her photos that are the most raw are her favorites!

For years she set up their phones on a garbage can with a sweater, or suit jacket, or some sort of balancing magic. There are also phone tripods, or if you have a DSLR that you’ve been wanting to dust off, this is a great time to do it. If you want to do it, you can make it happen.

We hear it all the time, kids grow up so fast. And it’s true, Sarah tells us. These moments are priceless. And if your kids are older, it’s not too late to start. You’ll always treasure the photos, and you’ll never regret taking the couple or extra minutes to make it happen.

Sarah loves looking at them, so do her kids, and the grandparents. One way her family gets them off of the internet and into our hands is through Chatbooks. They print my Instagram photos for me, but you can also create custom books. They are so kind to give us 20% off of anything for all GTU Viewers with the code GOODTHINGS20.

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Deena Manzanares
Deena Marie Manzanares is a Utah native, but lived in NYC for a few years while attending the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. Locally, she has worked as a professional actor for years in both stage and film.

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