A clever way to organize photos

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Do you have too many photos on your camera roll and just not know what to do with them? Local artist, Cat Palmer, joins us today to show viewers a new way to organize your photos in a cute way that takes no effort.

Palmer discussed how she used to scrapbook a lot when her kids were babies but life got too busy and doesn’t have the time anymore. She’d also use online books where you can dump your photos into it but those can get expensive. Palmer said she felt mom guilt when all her photos sat in her camera roll and didn’t know what to do about it until she found Chatbooks.

Chatbooks is only $8 per month and organizes all your photos for you. You can link it to your Instagram and they’ll automatically organize your photos and send it to you monthly. There’s also room to make it customizable since you can include all the photos you want from your camera roll as well. While this is a great way to keep your photos organized in a clever way, it’s also a perfect gift option for friends or family members.

To order your own Chatbook, visit Palmer’s website and use her code for a discount!

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