EDITOR’S NOTE: Kouri Richins appeared on Good Things Utah one month before she was arrested in connection with her husband’s murder. At the time of the airing, Good Things Utah and ABC4 had no way to be aware that she was a suspect in that murder. We are leaving this post up as part of our policy of being transparent. We have, however, removed links to purchase her product. To read a transcript of the interview in the context of recent events, click here.

Kouri Richins is an incredible mother who touched our hearts by sharing her personal story of loss. Her husband of nine years unexpectedly passed away just one year ago, leaving behind his wife and their three young sons.

While learning to navigate grief in a new normal, Kouri and her sons began to write a children’s book to help others cope with the loss of a loved one. She tells us she needed the distraction, and a way to channel and articulate the family’s feelings. The beautiful book is based around Kouri’s three C’s.

Connection: Keep the persons spirit alive who has passed. Talking about them, sharing memories of them, doing the things they use to do. Letting children tell stories of those loved ones.

Continuity: Try and keep routines and schedules as normal as possible. Sports, school pick ups and drop offs, living situation, friends, etc. keep their normal daily environment for as long as possible. 

Care: Affirming their feelings; understanding when they are sad, mad, lonely and talking about those feelings and letting them know it’s okay. Don’t try to changd their feelings, but letting them cope with the stages of grief with plenty of hugs, kisses, empathy.