SALT LAKE, UT (Good Things Utah) – Parents can struggle to communicate with their teens and Brooke Romney provides a solution. She wrote a 52-week calendar of creative and crucial tips for teens that will help both parents and teenagers navigate our modern world with confidence. It’s clear, concise, and the perfect catalyst for important conversations. This gives parents direction and gives teens a way to navigate our modern world with confidence. The nice thing about this book is that if a teen doesn’t want to talk to you just put it up and at the chance, they read it they will hopefully start changing their ways slowly. It will benefit them in their adult life and their life now. She wrote a volume 1 and just released a new volume 2. It’s a great gift for families or just for teens and tweens. They are both available on amazon and volume 2 is available in Costco.  

Instagram: @brookeromneywrites