Hannah Clark from the Flower Letters joined GTU second hour to share how Clark created mail that shares stories from different characters! The Flower Letters give people around the world something to look forward to that’s unique, heartfelt, and designed to be a source of joy. 

The letters are sent between the characters in each story. Each story consists of 24 letters sent over a period of 12 months, 2 letters a month, and includes several inserts including maps, coded messages, telegrams, and trade cards. 

The Flower Letters offer three stories to choose from. World War II Romance, Wild West Adventure, and a Fantasy Adventure for kids. Clark was a writer and enjoys providing a fun escape for everyone. The Flower Letters is mail that’ll you’ll look forward to. 

With over 350k letters delivered in 35 countries and counting, The Flower Letters are making its way across the United States. Subscribers will receive one thrilling story filled with history, mystery, adventure, and romance with every collection. Each letter has been thoroughly researched, and thoughtfully designed by hand.

For more information on how to sign up, follow the links below! 

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Instagram: @the.flower.letters

Website: The Flower Letters