A local psychic shares her gift with us

Good Things Utah

From the time she was a young girl, Bobbi Henry knew she had a gift… to communicate with those who have passed on.

The psychic medium, or what she calls “comedium,” joined us on our Halloween special to share the difference between the two. She shared that often times the messages she receives and relays to the living can make people feel more at peach with the loss of a loved one.

Bobbi explained she’s always felt her gift was normal because her mother and grandmother also have the ability. Ability is one thing that Bobbi said everyone has, and she can help people discover and develop theirs.

To set up a reading with Bobbi, email her at bhenry@xmission.com. You can learn more at BobbiHenry.com and on her Facebook page: @BobbiHenryPsychicMedium .

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