6 things you can do to prevent child sexual abuse

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1 in 10 children will experience child sexual abuse before the age of 18 in the United States. There are so many things that you can do to as parents to prevent potential child sexual abuse. It’s parents and adults responsibility to keep children safe. Preventing child sexual abuse is up to all of us whether we have children or not. Here are 6 things you can do as a parent:

First, talk with children using anatomically correct terms for body parts:

  • The most important thing to start with is to make sure when talking to your kids that you use anatomically correct terminology for their body parts. It can be confusing at first, but this is really important to make sure you don’t confuse your child long-term. Your child might develop a skewed perception if you use a variety of terminology or slang to describe body parts, private parts, actions, or other things related to potential sexual abuse.

Second, ask children to trust their feelings and any time they feel uncomfortable with someone for any reason, to let a trusted adult know.

  • Make sure your child trusts their own instincts. It’s really important when they feel uncomfortable that they listen to that feeling and you listen and react to it.

Third, help them understand their bodies belong to them and they have the right to say no.

Fourth, create a safety plan.

Fifth, parents, trust your own intuition. If something feels off, put a safety plan in to place.

Sixth, have difficult conversations with other adults when you see behavior that raises a red flag.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah has their annual fundraiser coming up on October 25th. The Barn Party for Prevention will be held at the Utah State Fair Grounds. There will be a Silent and live auction and they are currently accepting donations of gift baskets.

For more details or to donate, please go to pcautah.org. 100% of the funds go to Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s education program.

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