6 reasons to saddle up!

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Stephanie Morris, the administrative services coordinator with The American Heart Association, came on our show to discuss the benefits of pet ownership.

Owning a pet has been shown to combat stress, boost happiness and help create healthy habits like regular physical activity. Morris explained that 93% of people reported that having a pandemic pet during this time has improved their physical and mental well-being.

These facts resonated with Morris, so she entered the Healthy Bond for Life mascot contest earlier this year. Healthy Bond for Life celebrates pets and their helping with stress and happiness. Morris’ horse, Whistler, was chosen as one of the mascots and is now featured on the AHA website.

These are six reasons Morris lists to saddle up:

-Cardiovascular health – a half-hour of riding is considered moderate exercise
-Core strength – sitting up straight and pushing your legs into the body of the horse ignites your core muscles
-Calories – a 45-minute ride (walk, trot or canter burns up to 200 calories)
-Blood pressure – Along with other forms of exercise, horseback riding can lower your blood pressure
-Decision-making skills – During a ride, you’re deciding when to speed up, slow down, what paths to avoid and when the horse needs a break.
-Relaxation – The horse’s natural movement is calming.

To learn more about Healthy Bond for Life, visit their website.

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