5 Tips for Quick and Easy Party Clean Up

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Summer BBQs and get together are happening. While we’re all loving the opportunity to spend more time together, it can feel like a lot of work when you’re hosting. Kelsey O’Callaghan from Dorai Home came by to share with us five tips to make party cleanup more manageable and more efficient, so you can put your energy towards enjoying the moment.

Tip 1: Use craft paper for appetizers or serving stations. Craft paper is not only practical; it’s also very chic and lets your food stand out. You can create an entire grazing table without the need for table cloths or platters. Enhance it by writing on the craft paper if you want to — once you’re finished, wrap it up and throw it away. 

Tip 2: Make it convenient for guests to clean up after themselves with multiple pop-up trash cans placed around the main areas. You can buy these in 3 packs; you like the sturdier ones that can handle a bit more weight. It prevents one main trash can from overflowing and encourages people to throw out their disposable items instead of leaving them around. Be sure to keep a spare bag at the bottom in case it fills up.  

Tip 3: Always do your dishes before the party! Having an empty dishwasher is ideal, but having an empty sink all you need. The second trick here is to fill your sink with soapy water or put a basin in your sink with soapy water; this encourages guests to put dishes or empty serving platters right into the soaping bin. It will be super easy for you to do those hand-washed dishes or load the dishwasher at the end of the night. 

Tip 4: Assign glasses with cute markers or write on them with a sharpie. This tip cuts down on the number of cups you have floating around and makes for fewer dishes. Also, always put coasters in plain sight on all delicate surfaces. Some of ours dry instantly, so you don’t have to worry about watermarks on tables. 

Tip 5: Have take-home containers ready for guests at the end of the night. Towards the end of the party, I will put these out, and as soon as people have cleared off a serving dish, it goes right into the soapy sink. It helps you start the cleanup, and it’s a nice gesture. 

I love having a clean and tidy space, and this helps me enjoy entertaining even more. I am co-founder of Dorai, a local company that makes home products that are both eco-friendly and organized. Happy hosting!

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