5 things to do when you feel weighed down by the world

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Briana Johnson-Hurst, Founder and Host of The LifeBeats Project podcast and community, joins the show to talk about five things we can do to regain peace, reclaim our hope and power, and rejuvenate our souls when we feel weighed down by the things we see in the world.

As parents and families, we have gone through and witnessed heaviness in our families, communities, and world for a consistent and extended amount of time. The divisiveness of society can lead to us and our children feeling so weighed down by what we see in the world.

Five things you can do when you feel weighed down by what you see in the world:

  1. Check in with yourself because this helps you know what emotion and issue you need to address. Ask yourself, what emotions am I experiencing? Why am I having this emotional response to what I am seeing?
  2. Do a social media check and figure out which accounts are uplifting and which ones are not. Ask yourself, do I need to unfollow someone? Do I need to limit the amount of time I am on? Am I getting emotionally sucked into comments?
  3. Permit yourself to choose one or a few cause/s. We become emotionally invested in all of the injustice in the world and it can become overwhelming if we think we need to be an advocate for everything.
  4. Focus on what/where you can impact, influence, or control. You can impact your family and community and you can control yourself and your mental health.
  5. Rejuvenate yourself by taking time to align with a higher power, pursue a hobby or interest, and surround yourself with uplifting people.

As we regain peace, reclaim our hope and power, and rejuvenate our souls, we can teach and be an example to our children when they too feel weighed down by what they see in the world.

Conversations of openness and validation can occur, and you can share the good and hope you also see in our wonderful world. Our future is still bright, let’s allow more of our belief in that to shine.

If you would like to learn more about regaining peace, reclaiming our hope and power, and rejuvenating our souls, you can listen to Briana’s podcast, The LifeBeats Project, and connect with her through social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Watch the video below for more information.

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