Dawn McCarthy of Dawn’s Corner joined us with 5 Product Trends for Moms, Dads, Babies & Kids!

Zarbee’s® Naturals Children’s Elderberry Immune Support Gummies – When your kids need added immune support, Zarbee’s® Naturals Children’s Elderberry Gummies are a tasty way to support the immune system when you need it most. Zarbee’s® Naturals Children’s Elderberry Gummies include a concentrated burst of elderberry extract, plus vitamins. www.zarbees.com/product/mighty-bee-gummy-immune-support

Bumco (Baby Bum Brush)- The inventor of Bumco’s first son was dealing with a terrible diaper rash. His little bum was raw with open blisters for over 40 days. At one point she read that proper diaper cream application included washing your hands BEFORE applying diaper cream. She knew this was not practical and was also tired of constantly smelling cream on my hands, so I invented the Baby Bum Brush for spreading diaper cream. Since the brush, she have developed several other products that she believes are game changers for diaper changers! bumco.com

Sani+Pak is an easy, on-the-go way to sanitize your hands. Our formula is 70% ethyl alcohol with Aloe. Our durable, no-leak design is perfect to take anywhere! Throw Sani+Pak in your purse, wallet, vehicle and your kid’s backpack or lunch! A vital hygiene tool for teachers, new parents, gym enthusiasts, communal work areas, and other jobs that put you in contact with the public. Wait for it- Buy 2 get 1 FREE www.sanipakusa.com

Lil Mixins- The American Academy of Pediatrics wants every baby to eat nuts & eggs 3 times a week when they start solids. Lil Mixins is 100% natural, baby-safe peanut, baked egg, and tree nut. We follow the proven science of 2g of protein, 3 times a week. We are backed by over 2,500 pediatricians and the only early introduction brand you can find in stores like Target. www.lilmixins.com

Ava Nursing Maxi by Cassie & Britt Latchwear- Life’s a breeze in our nursing maxi! Our magnetic drop-down top allows quick access while our built-in modesty panel covers the rest of your girls. The Ava nursing maxi features knotted bows, an above knee slit, and straps wide enough to hide your bra. Our exclusive designs are made of high-quality anti-pill fabrics and are produced in the USA. cassieandbrittlatchwear.com

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