5 Great products by great women

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re showing you five products/companies founded or developed by women! Dawn McCarthy from “Dawn’s Corner,” beauty and lifestyle expert from Los Angeles, dropped by for a little show and tell.

Pajamas for Peace” was founded by Chandinie Francis. This company seeks to empower families and children by wearing comfortable clothing that makes them feel warm and at peace during times of need. These pajamas are eco-friendly and 100% cotton.

Lunchbox Wax” has been expanding their products by adding an eyebrow glam up set called “DEFINE Eyebrow Collection.” Company owner Debi Lane has expanded her company nationwide, for everyone to access their services and products. This collection includes: pencils, highlighters and gel tints in a variety of shades to enhance the eyebrows arch, sparse areas and tail ends.

Need a new book to dive into? Check out “15 Minute Pause” by: Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva. This inspirational playbook has practical, easy tips and tools for reducing stress and preventing burnout. Live a more joy-filled life by practicing self care.

Your beauty tool for traveling is here. “The Palette by pak” created by Kate Westad is a washable, reusable innovative tool that lets you customize and bring all your needed skincare, beauty and cosmetic products on the road.

If you’re looking for a new skin care product check out “Cleure,” founded by Dr. Flora Stay. This product offers skin care, hair care, body care, oral care and cosmetics. Cleure’s products are all cruelty free and do not contain any irritants. The company believes whatever goes on, goes in.

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