Are there happiness hacks? All happiness takes is an open mind and some effort, but luckily we have Chad Hymas in the studio to guide us on our happiness journey. No matter the time of life, happiness can be found within the little things. Take these four principles to transform your mind during challenging times.

  • Be teachable
  • Get rid of “I” opic vision
  • Focus on other people’s need, fears and victories
  • Be willing to get awkward

Hymas mentioned how people have commonalities during challenging times. One of the first things that he notices about people who are happy, striving and successful is their focus on what they “can” control or what they “cant.”

“I cant control my fingers, my hands, or the way my body contorts per se. When I focus on what I do have, I have wonderful children, a beautiful wife, I have the ability to breath on my own,” said Hymas. “When I focus on what I still have and not what I’ve lost, I am more happy and productive.”

During tough times Hymas learned that there are several right ways to solve a single problem. For example, there are multiple way to get dressed or multiple ways to eat.

Hymas suggests a small gesture to do for a loved one, send them a text and say “I just want you to know how much value you have in my life.”

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