Divorce can easily become one of the most difficult, stressful times in your life—emotionally, physically, and financially. When it comes to divorce it’s important to find an attorney that works well with your individual case. Before you hire a divorce attorney make sure you ask the appropriate questions and come prepared. This way the attorney can size up your case and answer your questions.

Here are four topics you should cover in your divorce consultation.

1. Learn about the attorney:

Make sure your potential attorney is specialized in divorce. You want someone who is an expert in family law and divorce proceedings, that way you can have full confidence in following their suggestions. Remember too, divorce is a financial investment as well, so cost is something you should always discuss with the attorney before making your final decision.

2. Cover the big topics:

Make sure you cover child custody, child support, alimony, assets, and debts.

3. Get an overview of your case and discuss if your goals are realistic:

From the beginning you want to have your goals clear because divorce is tough, it’s emotional, and it can be a lengthy process. The attorney should be able to break down your individual case and provide a road map to achieving your goals in the divorce. More sure you define what outcomes are realistic.

4. Prepare/protect yourself:

Whether you are ready to proceed with divorce immediately or you are having a consultation because it’s simply something you are considering, the attorney can give you tips on how to plan and prepare for all outcomes.

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