Heidi Robey of Hot Mess Heidi was back on set to share 4 tips to lower holiday stress!

1. Cut back on holiday traditions: You don’t have to do every tradition. You get to pick what’s important to your family. Make a to-feel list instead of a to-do list. Only do traditions that make you feel joy, don’t do traditions that only bring stress.

2. Simplify holiday celebrations: Use the pareto principle which is a 20/80 rule, 20% work that brings 80% joy. Focus on fun, not on fluff.

3. Start holiday preparations early: This lets you actually enjoy the holidays. Such as Christmas gifts bought before Thanksgiving, and chocolate calendars out to friends by November 30th!

4. Delegate holiday responsibilities: Moms don’t have to do it all alone! Husbands can fill the stockings. In-laws can help prepare gifts for the kids, help decorate, Christmas cards, etc

Your kids would rather have a happy, present mother than a Pinterest worthy Christmas!

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