Jaclyn Robertson from JR Law Group joined us on Good Things Utah as part of Family Law Friday, to share the 4 things you should know if possibly facing divorce.

Family is always a tough web to weave. There’s ups and downs and sometimes, the downs can lead to family separation. While this is never an easy situation to be in or deal with, there are things that can help you and your family get through this time.

First and foremost, don’t be in the dark. Know your marital estate, have a grip on your finances, and keep the safety of children in mind.

Second, have a vision of what your life will look like. Start to think of your goals and what you’d want after going through the divorce process.

Then, don’t allow fear to guide you. More often than not, good decisions aren’t made with fear. Try and have a level head and clear mind when making life decisions that will affect you and your children.

And finally, don’t go it alone — seek the help of a professional who will be your advocate while also fully informing you of your options about the process. This is no time to cut corners. Get the help you need because it will not only help you navigate through these unknown processes, but you will have the answers and information you need to get to the other side.

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