SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — It should be everyone’s goal to learn to live intentionally every day. Living intentionally will make your life seem to have a purpose and you will improve yourself every day. Today we were joined by Kaili Smith, a motivational speaker, to talk about going through your life with purpose. She provides a 4-step plan that will help you start making your life more intentional. 

1. choose a goal or personality trait you want to focus on doing or becoming – pick a goal like “I want to get married” or choose a trait like “I want to be more kind.” 

2. Write them down and make an inventory of your daily actions and divide them into columns depending on whether it helps the goal its neutral or hurts the goal.  

3. analyze the neutral column – some neutral actions might be helping or hurting your goal so analyze them and sort them. Some genuinely are neutral to your goal though. 

4. Choose a heart and make a change to make it help or be neutral to the goal. Also make a neutral help the goal instead of it making no difference whatsoever.  

For those who don’t have a lot of time choosing just one goal to start with will help. Celebrating each change in the columns will help you want to continue making new goals and completing them. Eventually after doing this technique for a while, you will see that your life is more intentional.  

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