3 words for the new year: Texture, tone, and tightness

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It’s a new year & new decade. It’s time to be healthy and look healthy! The three key words for this year from Canyons Medical Center are texture, tone, and tightness. With Warm Sculpting you get it all in one. What is Warm Sculpting?

Fat cells die when exposed to the high temperatures from the SculpSure laser. However, the laser doesn’t emit enough heat to harm your skin, and it comes with a cooling system for extra comfort. Following the procedure, your lymphatic system naturally eliminates your dead fat cells in a matter of weeks. Hologic/Cynosure lasers are the best lasers in the world and 2.5 times more effective than competitor lasers! Due to high demand, Canyons Medical Center now has three new lasers in the office.

The uses and results in the following lasers:

  • Sculpture – Warm Sculpting body contouring weight loss Laser.
  • Tempsure – Blood flow, collagen, elastin radio-frequency

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