3 Valentine’s Day makeup looks

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Need a lovely look for Valentine’s Day? Makeup artist Missy Lovett has got you covered. With so many makeup products in the beauty industry, there is a huge number of pitfalls and potential negative impact on young and impressionable girls. That’s why Missy brought her daughter on to demonstrate a subtle ‘Valentween’ look while sharing her favorite, uplifting cosmetic brand ‘RealHer.’

Missy is passionate about finding positive brands with healthy ingredients AND healthy marketing for women of all ages, especially young girls.

For those of us in our older years, Missy shared how to properly put on false lashes and not be afraid of the black eye shadow in your palette! And don’t forget the power of a red lip, Nicea modeled for us!

For more makeup ideas, find Miss on Instagram: @RebelBeauty & @RealHerMakeup or visit RebelBeauty.com.

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