3 Valentine’s Day classroom games

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We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day and if you’re a room parent and stressed about how you’re going to entertain the students in your child’s classroom, we have you covered.

Shyloh Belnap joined us to share three creative, DIY game ideas that’ll have everyone feeling the love.

Bean Bag Toss

Items needed:

  • Bean Bags 5″ fabric and scrap of rice
  • Craft Clothes Pins
  • Valentine’s Candy or Toys


  1. Place the candy or toys in the clothespins and line them up as desired. Each child will get a turn to knock over a clothespin to get the prize clipped inside it. 

Valentine’s Headbandz


  1. This fun game can be played just like the real Head Bandz game

Matching Game

Items Needed:

  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • 3/4″ Circle punch Full sheet stickers or glue stick


  1. Print out the printable, punch all the circles out and stick them on with either a glue stick or the sticker sheet. Place all the Kisses on the table. When a child gets a match, they get to eat it!

For detailed pictures and instructions, you can visit Shyloh’s Instagram: @ShylohBCoaching.

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