Katie and Thomas McMinn joined us for Valentine’s Day to talk 3 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Thriving. As a couple of twenty-two years, they’ve done the work, and they know their stuff!

  1. Open and honest communication: is actively listening; responding without judgment. Being emotionally affirming and valuing each other’s opinions.  This communication can lead to shared problem solving, compromising, and conflict resolution. 
  1. Mutual respect: is a very simple concept. It means that you treat each other in a thoughtful and courteous way. It means that you are not  rude and disrespectful to each other. 
  1. Shared responsibility: being on the same team. This means  recognizing each other’s abilities and working together to manage everyday responsibilities. 
  • There is a five week virtual Connected Couples workshop for couples who want to level up their relationship. Couples will:
    • Learn from relationship experts
    • Receive tools and resources to improve your relationship
    • Connect with other couples who prioritize their relationship
    • Grow together as a couple
    • Increase communication between each other 
    • Designate time with each other 
    • Re-establish your commitment to one another

More info: https://www.katiemcminn.com/connected-couples