3 tips for computer health

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Our tech life coach Christopher Krause joined us to share three ways to keep your computer healthy while working from home!

– Keep files organized and off of the desktop: Too may items on the desktop slow down the computer. Organize it in appropriate folders to give yourself optimal performance.

– Don’t open too many internet browser tabs at once: It’s critical to make sure you don’t have too many tabs open, so you don’t slow down other parts of your computer. This will greatly impact the performance of your computer. It’s also important to be mindful of this while on a video conference call. Whomever you’re speaking with will be able to see your screen, and what you’re searching. Maintain your privacy, and go back to your search history after the call to get restore what you need.

– Restart the computer regularly: When is the last time you restarted your computer? If it’s been weeks, months, or if you can’t remember the last time, restart it right now! This gives your computer a breath of fresh air, resets things that will help the computer run much smoother, and may fix small bugs you’ve noticed, like lags in typing.

Christopher wants to remind viewers he’s doing daily ten minute tech tips at 11 am M, W, F on instagram @techlifecoach And T, TH, SAT on facebook here !

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