Therapist and speaker Tiffany Roe was welcomed back to the studio again today to discuss why mental
health and taking care of ourselves is important.

Roe talked about how the effects of anxiety and depression impact us in every aspect of our life, and
with little to no mental health education available, Roe decided to share with us some of the best coping
mechanisms for those stressful moments.

First, she shared with us a breathing technique where by inhaling slowly through your nose and slowly
exhaling through your mouth you can calm down building panic. Next, as another grounding technique,
Roe says that by rubbing your palms on the top of your knees and describing the textures and the way
you are feeling you can bring yourself back down to Earth. One of Roe’s favorite techniques? Breaking
down on the dance floor in new and unique dance moves to employ dance therapy approaches.

Roe also reminds us that combating mental health happens in a couple different and important steps:
Mental health education, talking about mental health, and offering support to those who are struggling.

You can connect with Roe on Instagram at @HeyTiffanyRoe and you can also earn 50% on all mental
health courses and merch between May 19 and 26 at