Gifting can be a way of showing you care about someone, or reflecting the care someone has shown you. Gift giving etiquette is important to know so you can give the right gift, in the right way, at the right time.

Here are 3 simple tips to make your gifts stand out, be treasured, and hopefully not be returned:

  1. Consider the qualities of what makes each person on your list special.
  2. Share your own personal favorite things with them.
  3. Shop and support local. You’ll find more unique, artful and pretty things while supporting your own community and neighborhoods.

Gatehouse no.1 Furniture & Design is loaded with cute decor, accessories, fixtures, fixings, and furniture that the special person in your life would love to receive. They have candles, soap & lotions, and diffusers to pitchers, unique spoon sets, cook books, and pillows. Anything you can think of to decorate a home, they have in abundance.

Once you’ve chosen the right gift now its all about the presentation. Make sure to add pretty ribbons, ornaments, and trimmings for an extra special touch.

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