3 good and very different movie choices to check out this weekend

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Val Cameron came by again and gave us a look at three highly anticipated films. we have 3 good and very different choices, and the theme is culture.

Dream Horse (PG

If you been waiting for a feel-good movie that will uplift you, make you want to cheer, cry and hug your pets? If so, this is the movie for you. Toni Collette plays small-town bartender (Jan) who is looking for a change and to do something most would deem unthinkable. She breeds a racehorse named Dream, and with very little money takes on the big leagues. One of the best things about this movie is that it shows us the warmth of a small-town Welch community. It takes on a personality of its own and gives a different feel to a movie that most of us have seen before. Yes, it is predictable and doesn’t break and the new ground when it comes to “Based on true story” movies about a small-town character that works hard, brings a community together, and then achieves something amazing in the end. The relationship between Jan and Dream is special and almost memorizing. It gives most of us who have experienced a stronger relationship with our pets during the pandemic some extra feels and validation. It’s an all-around feel-good movie that you don’t have to think much about. Turn it on, relax and allow yourself to smile for a while. 

Grade: B 

DREAM HORSE | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street 

Watch the official trailer for DREAM HORSE.

In select theaters on May 21st. Experience the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely racehorse breed…

The Dry (R) 

Val wanted to start by saying how excited she was that Eric Banna is back. It has been a while since we have seen him in a real leading roll, and he shines. He plays Aaron, a federal agent who returns to his hometown to investigate a murder. The very small Australian town is experiencing a massive drought and you can feel the tension in the town as Aaron returns and starts uncovering secrets that the town never saw coming. This is defiantly one of the best mystery movies she has seen in a long time. There were a few times she had a hard time following but quickly caught up. Director Robert Connoly did a great job keeping her guessing the entire time. This is one of those times when the trifecta of the same person Directing, Writing, and Producing the same movie works. The landscape of the dried-out Australian landscape coupled with a gripping story and great acting by Eric Banna makes this movie a must-see for me. It is sad, thrilling, and satisfying all rolled up in one.  

Grade: B+ 

THE DRY Official Trailer 2 (2021) 

The first trailer for The Dry, starring Eric Bana. 

Pink: All I know so far (Documentary) 

We have all seen a Biopic about a musician and it was most likely filled with a lot of fluff or so deep into the dark sides of your music hero that you felt left wanting. This is not that! Since Pink entered the music scene, she has wanted to stick out from most other female pop singers. In this documentary, directed by the director of The Greatest Showman, you see the amazing work and time she puts into both her family and her career. Yes, she is amazing as she flies through the air atop some of the biggest stadiums in the world; but that may seem like a huge feat, but what Val was most impressed about is how she is doing this big European tour, planning her first performance at Wembly Stadium and raising her two kids on the road. She is open about everything, good and bad about raising kids on the road, trying to have a good relationship with her husband Cory Heart, and still living her dreams of touring. She wants it all and she is not afraid of fighting for it. “All I know so far” is a unique look into the life of an artist we thought we knew a lot about. She does wish they would have gone a little deeper into some more vulnerable moments, but it was refreshing to see this usually outspoken and “in your face” character more down to earth. Most of us say that you can’t have it all, but Pink is trying her hardest. Oh, and she’s receiving Billboard’s Icon Award on May 23, so she seems to be doing it. On Amazon Prime Video May 21. 

Grade: B- 

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