SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Get that rocking upper body for the upcoming spring break and summer season. Today Natalie S. Bedford came in to show us some super easy resistance band workouts to add to your daily routine. Natalie Bedford is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She is the founder of Thunder Fitness Training. All the workouts she teaches are easy and are good for rookies and professionals.  

The workouts she showed today are all done with a resistant band. You can find cheap resistant bands on amazon and local stores.  

  1. Standing bicep curl – This workout is an easy way to build and tone your biceps 
  1. Diagonal delt row – Helps build your deltoids  
  1. Tricep kickbacks – triceps can be hard to build, and this is an easy way to build them 

Doing these workouts obviously helps build your upper body but the workouts come with tons of benefits. Some of these benefits are: They allow you to have full control over your movement. Resistant training where we have versatile resistance. Lastly, anyone can do it at their own pace.  

Natalie also offers virtual fitness classes that specialize in weight loss nutrition coaching. She also offers a monthly subscription for just $5 to access recorded workouts. She has a free app called Fit by Wix that you can access her workout videos and instructions on. For more information check out her social media and website