Melody Jensen from Momscast, shared three sources of the best superfoods to ensure you are getting your heart healthy fats into your diet.  

Coconut (oil, water and milk)

Excellent energy booster, great for the brain, the heart, the skin and so much more.  

Ways to incorporate and consume them:

  • Cook or saute. Use when cooking eggs, sauteing vegetables, rub fish with it and bake
    • Replace your canola, vegetable oil with coconut oil and it’ll make your rolls, breads extra light and fluffy 
  • Use coconut milk or water in your smoothies to give yourself a boost of healthy fat


Contain more potassium than bananas, heart healthy, loaded with fiber, contain 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Ways to corporate/consume them:

  • Put on top of soup, eggs, casseroles, salads and toast or add it to smoothies, sauces and soup bases
  • The avocado pit contains 70% of the antioxidants of the avocado
    • Let it dry for about 3 days, peel off outer layer, dice it up and then blend to create a fine meal (similar to flax meal) to add to smoothies, oatmeal and yogurts

Nuts and Seeds (in particular chia seeds)

Contain more antioxidants than blueberries, excellent source of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, iron and calcium.  

Ways to incorporate them:

  • Add to baked goods, blend into smoothies, add to yogurt and oatmeal, and even make baby food with them by adding them to a green smoothie or green juice and letting it sit in the fridge overnight.  

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