Police rescue New Jersey boy who was stuck in toy

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(FORT LEE, New Jersey) – A 20-month-old boy found himself in quite the predicament when playtime got a little complicated.

According to Luca’s mom, he was playing with a toy made to hold different shaped blocks, when he got wedged in and couldn’t get out.

Luca’s mom, Soona Choe, said, “It’s kind of comical if you think about the situation, I call 911 and say “my kid is stuck in a toy” and they’re like what kind of toy? What do you mean?”

Sergeant Rick Hernandez, with the Fort Lee Police Department, answered the call and used his strength to crack open a front panel on the toy to free Luca. Sgt. Hernandez said he was happy to help.

Luca’s mom plans to keep the toy, along with all the pictures, to remind her son of the time he got stuck in a toy. 

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