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The Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency is considering a public market at Fairpark. The market would make would be part of a redevelopment project along North Temple. Cara Lindsley and Richard Holman joined Good Morning Utah to talke about the project.

Included below are some of the topics of their conversation:

First off, what is a public market?

  • A public market can take many shapes and forms, but they all share the following qualities: 1) they operate in a public space, 2) have community benefits, and 3) serve locally owned and operated businesses · Examples of well-known current public markets include: Pike Place Market (Seattle); Eastern Market (Detroit); and Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market (Pennsylvania)

Does our capital city currently have any markets like this?

  • There are several farmers markets that operate in Salt Lake City, and farmers markets are a type of public market
  • A year-round market with a permanent home at the Fairpark would be different than a farmer’s market, and the first-of-its-kind for Salt Lake City

Why would a market like this be good for our capital city?

  • A market that is in place all year – with infrastructure built around it – has the capacity to anchor a neighborhood more so than a transient market that has to be set up and taken down every week/month
  • Public markets bring people together, cultures together, and communities together
  • People like markets for the people, as much as for the products
  • It will also help strengthen the local economy in that it provides an affordable forum for business start-ups, opportunities for residents, and keeps money “local”
  • The Redevelopment Agency is committed to helping the community figure where within Salt Lake City a market like this could be possible, and the most desired

Which is why you’re looking at the Fairpark, right? Why would the Fairpark be a good location?

  • The West Side is really due, and really ripe for something like this
  • Historic buildings that could be considered for such a market are already in place
  • Near a TRAX transit line
  • Activation brings activation – and markets have been proven activators for thousands of years
  • There are so many interesting communities that could participate in such a market

How can people get involved in this discussion? 

  • Take our online survey by tomorrow night (Friday, May 10)
  • Drop by our public open house next Thursday, May 16 any time between 4 and 7 p.m. at the Fairpark’s Zion Building (155 North 1000 West)
  • There will be conceptual drawings and plans created with the help of a steering committee and the planning, design and economic experts who have been part of the study
  • And ample opportunity to share your thoughts on bringing a public market to the Fairpark
  • To take the survey and for more information on the open house, visit

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