Why art matters to businesses in SLC

Good Morning Utah

Salt Lake City’s Economic Department is working with art groups in the area. Lisa Summers joined GMU to talk about her roll as the Senior Advisor for Arts and Culture.

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is Americans for the Arts’ fifth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry’s impact on the economy. It documents the economic contributions of the arts in 341 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $306.6 million in annual economic activity in Salt Lake City. It supports 10,479 full-time equivalent jobs. This spending is far-reaching: organizations pay employees, purchase supplies, contract for services and acquire assets within their community. Those dollars, in turn, generated $215.7 million in household income for local residents and $27.9 million in local and state government revenues.
The SLC DED study showed that local businesses feel arts, culture, and entertainment matter. “This data will change our focus in the next several years in terms of how we market our arts and culture in SLC, and how we utilize it to attract talent to fill all of these jobs that are in the pipeline for SLC,” explained Lisa. 

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