What happened during President Trump’s international trip?

Good Morning Utah

President Trump took his first presidential trip overseas near the end of May. Assistant Professor of Integrated Studies at UVU, Gregory Jackson, joined Good Morning Utah to review.  He visited Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and Europe over the course of nine days. Trump’s trip was met with mostly local praise, including his speech on countering extremism in Saudi Arabia and his visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

A massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia was announced as part of the visit.  Trump’s visit to Israel lasted only 27 hours and the President focused on his hope to bring peace between Israel and Palestine.

Trump’s visit to the Vatican included gifts and a private conversation that reportedly went well. Trump’s visit to the centers of the three major Abrahamic religions was intended to unite the faiths against extremism and terrorism.
Jackson says that the first three legs of the trip went off without any major controversy. The last leg – with a NATO and G7 meeting – was a little more difficult. He said that trump rattled NATO allies by focusing on members of the defense alliance not paying their fair share.
“Trump also suggested that the US might elect to go it alone on climate change and trade, in spite of key European allies’ attempts to persuade the President otherwise,” explained Jackson.
In particular, Trump has indicated that the US will likely pull out of the Paris climate accords.
Combined with past statements about the EU, NATO, and particular European allies (especially Germany), the future of US-European relations is in question.

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