What customers of Verizon need to know about the info leak

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Verizon has confirmed that personal information of 6 million customers was recently leaked online. Robert Jorgensen, a Cybersecurity expert from UVU, explained more about this data breach. In mid-June, a cybersecurity research for the firm UpGuard noticed some data out on an Amazon S3 system, which is one of Amazon’s cloud offerings. This data contained customer names, phone numbers, and a 4 digit code that may or may not have been a PIN of sorts for about 16 million customers. 

“It appears that an employee of Nice Systems, an Israeli-firm that works with Verizon to improve customer service, put the data in the cloud and didn’t see the security properly,” explained Robert. 

Verizon didn’t say how long the data was out there, but the researcher who found it reported that it took eight days for it to be removed. Verizon says that no one else accessed the data, but the access logs and other things could be audited, and thus, aren’t always reliable. 

Jorgensen says that Utah probably wasn’t affected.  It was primarily Verizon residential and small business customers.  For something like this, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on your accounts and make sure there is no unexpected activity.  

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