UVU national security expert weighs in on the Brexit situation

With the deadline for Britian exit from the European Union fast approaching and still no plan many are concerned how Brexit will affect the world. National security expert Dr. Greg Jackson from Utah Valley University joins Good Morning Utah to discuss the situation.

Included below are some of the talking points he covered.

  • Yesterday, British Parliament voted down Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest plan for the UK to depart from the European Union plan, 391 to 242. Britain is now 17 days from its exit, or “Brexit” deadline with no real strategy.
  • MPs in British Parliament remain as divided as ever, with some wanting to halt Brexit, others wanting to crash out of the EU, and those in the middle still wanting a deal.
  • Parliament will vote today on whether it should push for the EU to give the UK an extended deadline, or to go forward with a “no-deal” scenario.
  • There are few certainties surrounding Brexit, but the EU’s Commission has made it clear that the UK will not get a more favorable deal. If a delay is permitted, it will not lead to further concessions to the UK. Another near certainty is that the UK’s economy will suffer if no deal is made.
  • Meanwhile, some continue to hope that the potential bleakness of the situation might reverse Brexit altogether.

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