University of Utah Health working on plans to store potential COVID-19 vaccine

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News)– As the Federal Government gets closer to approving a COVID-19 vaccine, Utah Governor Gary Herbert released new information on how administering a vaccine would look.

ABC4 News spoke to Utahns to get their thoughts on the the plans.

“I am not afraid the government is going to track me or do something crazy with me I trust our top medical experts.” “I am looking forward to it I can’t wait to get it.” “I have been tested before myself and came out negative but id still probably want to get it,” Utahns said of the potential vaccine.

As the community awaits a vaccine, The University of Utah and other hospitals are preparing for its arrival.

According to doctors, each of the two vaccines have different requirements.

Maderna requires cool temperature storage and Pfizer does not. The University says it has the capacity to store both.

“We certainly have the resources to store standard temperature frozen material as far as the other one I don’t know the exact capacity but plans are underway to kind of hard because we do not know how much we are going to get,” Dr. Swaminathan Chief of Infectious Disease.

Dr. Swaminathan says either vaccine approved for distribution is unprecedented.

“No previous vaccine that’s been deployed in humans has used this technology,” Dr. Swaminathan said. “Usually, a vaccine is used with either proteins from a virus or bacteria or from a killed virus or bacteria”. In this particular case what is being injected is a lipid particle a fat droplet that’s been which the fat incases messenger RNA and once it gets into your cell it instructs the cells to make the Coronavirus spike protein.”

Doctors say preliminary data shows there are no serious side effects of either of the vaccines.  

No word how long a vaccine would take to work after its administered.

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