North Korea doing more than just testing missiles

Good Morning Utah

We hear a lot about North Korea testing missiles, but is there any evidence of them testing out cyber weapons? Cybersecurity expert Robert Jorgensen, from the Utah Valley University, joined Good Morning Utah to talk about the details. 

Several security research firms have linked North Korea to several hacking attacks. The most well known is the attack on Sony after the release of the movie “The Interview.” In the last weeks, it has become clear that North Korea has some more financial motivation.

“North Korea has been implicated in both attacks on banks in Poland and more recently, an $81 million heist in Bangladesh. These have been coordinated operations by a group believed to be part of the North Korean military. The name of given to this group is Lazarus and they are affiliated with what is called Bureau #121 within the North Korean military,” Robert explained.
North Korea has been attacking the method banks use to exchange information about financial transactions.  A few weeks ago, the SWIFT system, which is how that information is transferred, banned North Korean banks from using that network.
“Fortunately for most viewers, these groups are targeting international banking institutions, rather than individuals. But, as always, using a unique strong password and being careful with the device you do your banking on,” Robert shared.

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