Learn to make a homemade xylophone with The County Library

Good Morning Utah

The County Library continues to offer more fun activities to supplement their summer reading program. Heather Buhler joined Good Morning Utah to show how parents can make a homemade xylophone easily at home.

  1. Children learn best through play. A homemade xylophone is an easy, low mess activity that can engage children’s senses of play and curiosity.
  2. Any glass or ceramic container can be used.
  3. Try several things for instruments, including spoons, sticks, etc. made of different materials.
  4. We really try to make it so that anything we make at the library during our programs is also easy to make at home.
  5. You can try filling the containers until they match musical pitches and then play songs. Or, see how the same amount of liquid will fill other containers differently. In this way, you can extend the exercise and the learning!

To learn more about the summer reading program, visit The County Library website.

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