Motivational speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie was in studio to give us her expert tips on how to have that difficult conversation you may be scared to have. She talks us through, and takes away the fear.

  1. Visualize.
    1. Rehearse things going right. Like with an athlete visualizing the ball going in.
    2. Visualize a calm voice – not the worst case scenario.
  2. See the other person.
    1. Reflect back what you heard the other person say.
    2. Consider what the other person is really saying (behind the words).
  3. Validate.
    1. Start with a diffuser. “You probably feel like I haven’t heard you.”
    2. Raise voices come when people don’t feel HEARD.
    3. Don’t explain away what happened.
  4. Roadblock.
    1. Tell me more about what you are saying…
    2. How can we move forward…
    3. Watch tone of voice.

Focus on what you are learning from this experience.

Last impression is the lasting one… no matter how the conversation went.

Boundaries are loving. You may not be able to have these types of conversations with those that aren’t willing to develop conflict resolution skills.