Helping kids learn financial literacy with BusyKid

Good Morning Utah

April is National Financial Literacy Awareness month and BusyKid is helping make sure kids grow up with money smarts. BusyKid founder Gregg Murset joins Good Morning Utah to discuss how the app helps kids learn to manage money.

Included below is some information provided by BusyKid:

April is National Financial Literacy Awareness month, and we are in bad shape. The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) issued a financial literacy test to over 40,000 Americans and the average score was a failing grade, 67%.

Suprisingly, Utah teens age 15-18 scored an average of 64.4% on the test, even though personal finance courses are a high school graduation requirement.

To help parents teach their kids good personal finance habits at home, Gregg Murset, a Certified Financial Planner and founder of BusyKid, is launching the new BusyKid app next week that teaches kids how to manage their “paycheck”, spend using digital money, save and even invest. 

To learn more visit BusyKid’s website.

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