Hackers and cybersecurity experts join forces at conference

Good Morning Utah

This past weekend, over 25,000 cybersecurity professionals and hackers descended on Las Vegas for a conference. Robert Jorgensen, the Cybersecurity Program Director at UVU, joined GMU to talk about DEF CON. The conference is a yearly gathering of all kinds of geeks, computer enthusiasts, hackers, law enforcement, and cybersecurity professionals. It happens in Las Vegas and this is the 25th year it has happened. Attendees talk about hacking, cybersecurity, gadgets, privacy, digital rights, and so forth.

This year they had an event called the “Voting Machine Hacking Village” where people could try to hack over two dozen voting machines that were purchased from auctions and other places. They basically turned a bunch of hackers loose to see what they could find. Over the two and a half days, they found weaknesses in all of the voting machines. They also found some voting information that hadn’t been erased before the machines were put up for sale. . Most of these machines required physical access, which means someone needed to open it up or otherwise tamper with it. This kind of thing would be pretty obvious to poll workers. In general, this just highlights that we really need to make that voting machine companies place an emphasis on security. 

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