The Girl Scouts of the USA have has joined forces with cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks to develop 18 cybersecurity related badges to prepare girls for the technology that will play such a big part in their lives. Robert Jorgensen with with Utah Valley University joined Good Morning Utah to talk about what this means for the program and the cybersecurity field. 

They haven’t revealed all the topics yet, but reports say they are going to have different activities and information for different ages, ranging from basic cyber safety for the Daisies and Brownies all the way up to some hands-on technical training for the Seniors and Ambassadors. The new badges are expected to debut by fall 2018. 
Robert says this will provide young women with the tools to help protect themselves from hackers and other online threats.
“Beyond that, I think it empowers them to start thinking about cybersecurity and technology in general as viable career options. With a predicted shortage of millions of cybersecurity workers in the next 5 years, may help these girls move into more STEM jobs,” he explained.