A familiar face to Utah has joined the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development. Andrew Wittenberg joins the organization as the manager of marketing and research. He visited Good Morning Utah to talk about making the transition from being on TV to working for the city.

Why did you choose Salt Lake City and the Department of Economic Development?

  • Moving from local television to Salt Lake City seemed like a natural fit, particularly given the nature of the work…telling the story of what’s happening here with business and a rapidly growing economy.
  • My family loves Salt Lake City and we’re very similar to families moving here…finding a vibrant culture and business environment.

What will you be doing for the city?

  • Working with the amazing business development team, the redevelopment authority and the Arts Council to show what Salt Lake City has to offer.
  • Marketing to businesses and companies who are considering relocating to Salt Lake City.
  • Using the wealth of research done by the city to tell the story of the growth and how other businesses can flourish.

How is the transition going so far?

  • Just started this week.
  • Looking forward to working with a great team and learning in more detail how the city is growing, how we’re working to grow responsibly
  • Looking forward to not waking up at 3am!!!!
  • I ultimately want to show others why my family is so passionate about Salt Lake City…the fantastic culture, the booming economy and a wonderful arts scene…mean it has something for everyone.

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