Aftermath of recent London attacks

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Assistant Professor of Integrated Studies at Utah Valley University Gregory Jackson joined Good Morning Utah to talk about the recent in attacks in London.  Saturday night, three men carried out a terrorist attack in London. They drove a rented van into a crowd on London Bridge, then jumped out and stabbed people in nearby Borough Market. In total, they killed seven and injured 48. ISIS has claimed responsibility. 

“This terrorist attack has been unusually influential on the public sphere for two reasons. First, it is not isolated. Following the bombing at an Ariana Grande concern in Manchester, and an attack on Parliament, this makes the third terrorist attack in Britain within the past three months. Second, Britain’s general election is tomorrow (June 8). Thus, as the last of three recent terrorist attacks in Britain, the London Bridge attack is factoring into campaign rhetoric,” explained Gregory. 
Current Prime Minister Theresa May has made it clear she wants to enable British law enforcement to take greater action against suspected terrorist suspects, saying that “if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change the laws so we can do it.”
“May is likely saying this because we have now learned the authorities knew of at least two of the terrorists before the attack. MI5 had an ongoing investigation on Khuram Butt. The 2016 documentary, “The Jihadis Next Door,” also featured Butt. Meanwhile Italian police had placed Youssef Zaghba on their watch list after arresting him on suspicion of trying to go to Syria,” he explained. 

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