Top 10 berry-loving cities in America

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Ahead of Saturday's National Blueberry Day, coinciding with July as National Blueberry Month, Driscoll's, the world's largest distributor of berries, has compiled a top-10 list of the most "berry-loving" cities in America.

10. New York City

9. Columbus, Ohio

8. Denver, Colorado

7. Buffalo/Rochester, New York

6. San Francisco, California

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

3. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

2. Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut

1. Boston, Massachusetts (William B. Plowman)

Driscoll's also separated out the top 10 cities when it comes to loving raspberries the most:

10. Miami, Florida

9. Buffalo/Rochester

8. Seattle, Washington

7. Hartford/New Haven ( Malone)

6. Detroit, Michigan

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

4. Denver

3. San Francisco

2. Boston

1. St. Paul/Minneapolis

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