SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Daily Dish) – Women of the World is hosting an award banquet to celebrate some extraordinary women here in Utah. The event is also a social mixer for the community to help people recognize the economic, social, and educational successes of refugee women in Salt Lake City.

With a lot of hard work and the support of their community, these women have overcome many barriers to achieve their goal of self-reliance. You can enjoy ethnic food, dancing, and an opportunity to meet with resilient women from all over the world who are grateful to call Salt Lake City their home.

Women of the World is proud to award certificates of achievement to an extraordinary class of refugee women who have reached their goals in 2022. One of this years recipients is Seray Kallon. She’s a single mother of 3 and she says she wanted her daughters to learn from her experiences, “No matter what happen in life that… [I want my] daughters to do better than what I’m doing right now.” You can join in on celebrating women like Kallon on Saturday, December 3 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Salt Lake County Building. The event is free to the public.

Women of the World achieves its mission of “supporting refugee women to achieve self-reliance, a voice in the community, and empowering economic success” by:

  1. Providing training in conversational English using the ‘classroom of the community.’
  2. Ensuring physical and mental health are treated before requiring further achievement in academia or industry.
  3. Developing differentiated job skills in language, service, or creative industries that quickly improve their employment value and earnings.
  4. Giving everyone the opportunity of pursuing further education.
  5. Advocating when unfortunate events occur at any stage of resettlement.