SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – With more than 50 years of reporting and storytelling under his belt, ABC4 Utah’s Craig Wirth certainly has a good idea of what make a story “Wirth Watching”.. which also happens to be the name of his weekly segment that airs Sunday nights on ABC4 News at 10.

You’ve probably seen his reports over the years, but how much do you know about our beloved historian reporter? Craig has been in journalism since we was a teenager – it’s safe to say he’s a lifer!

Here’s how Craig Wirth would tell his own story:

Fifty-two years ago, recent high school graduate Craig Wirth moved to Utah and started at Channel Four. He was a camera operator, studio crew member, and rang the bell to open the Fireman Frank Show. He already had a year of TV in Montana and two years covering stories for the Associated Press, not exactly revealing that he was 16 years old when he started his journalism career.

It was only natural that he took about every subject in Journalism and TV that the University of Utah offered before he graduated in 1973.

He never was content at one job in or one career path in broadcasting. So he also became a midnight country-western radio DJ during those early years in the 1970’s. His next stop was graduate school at the University of Wisconsin and a job as a reporter on the capitol beat for a radio and television station in Milwaukee. He also started his teaching career as a grad student.

He returned to Utah in 1976 and started his Wirth Watching franchise. The network noticed his work and featured his Salt Lake stories, paving the way for his move to New York City and a career as a TV reporter in Manhattan continuing his Wirth Watching reports. CBS hired Wirth and transferred him to its Los Angeles station in Hollywood, starting a career that lasted 17 years in LA. He would later work for NBC and host his own shows on the Travel Channel and FNN, which became CNBC, as well as a stint on Good Morning America.

However, he longed for Utah, and started seven years of commuting every week between Los Angeles and Channel Four. He finally settled in Utah full-time, combining a faculty appointment at the U of U with his Channel Four work. He is in his 30th year at the U of U. Thirteen years ago he added another full-time job as the Communications Director of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah to round out his weeks that end each Sunday on our ABC4 News.

Craig is known as an animal lover and always has a rescue dog or two at his home, as well as rescued feral cats.

Watch Craig’s weekly “Wirth Watching” reports Sundays on ABC4 News at 10pm.