SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Wasatch Forensic Nurses (WFN) is a non-profit organization of a mobile team of forensic nurse examiners that provide interpersonal violence exams (IPV) to victims of Domestic Violence. The agency recently received grant funds to offer these exams to victims throughout Salt Lake, Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties. Wasatch Forensic Nurses is the largest Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) team in Utah.

While there are strict parameters as to when an exam can be conducted. WFN is currently in its twentieth year of providing services. It all began with one hospital and law enforcement ageny in Salt Lake County, serving 69 people in the first year. In 2021, WFN helped 882 people, 43 of those were for interpersonal violence (IPV). WFN now works with 25 hospitals and clinics and 40 law enforcement agencies and advocates as well as three mobile hospital response teams.

SANEs (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) provide forensic sexual assault and interpersonal violence exams to victims of these violent crimes at NO COST to the victim. The first goal is to make sure the patient is medically stable and safe. The services provided are done at the request of the survivor or patient – WFN only conducts exams with the consent of the patient and only does what the patient requests. The goal is to help abuse survivors gain some control over the situation and help provide law enforcement in their investigations of any crimes.

Victims can respond directly to their local emergency department to request an exam. They can also report to law enforcement or a local victim advocate. If they call a DV hotline or sexual assault hotline, there are qualified individuals who can provide them further information.

If anyone is interested in making a donation, they can do so on the WFN website at: All donations are tax deductible. WFN are also having a 20th Anniversary fundraiser that will be an online auction from October 29th-November 5th, 2022. For more information, click here.