SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Daily Dish) – The Utah Department of Workforce Services (Utah DWS) works to serve our veterans all year long by providing support and resources including helping them get a job.

Phil Martial, Chief of Veterans at the Utah DWS, says the beehive state is home to about 140,000 veterans. Utah DWS works to help veterans create fulfilling careers that can support their families. They offer employment support for not only current members of the military and veterans, but also helps their spouses. Utah DWS has services that support those who entering the workforce including training, education, financial assistance and other resources. Last year they connected more than 8,700 veterans to employment and placed nearly 400 in training through our Accelerated Credentialing to Employment (ACE) program.

Veterans and their spouses can have some unique challenges when they are looking for a job because some of the language that the military uses is very unique. Utah DWS helps transition service members by translating their military experience into language other employers understand. They also help spouses in the transition from moving from state to helping them get their certifications or licenses transferred to whatever their local licensing and certifications requirements may be so that a spouses’ career can be portable as well.

Regardless of what kind of assistance a veteran or member of the military needs, often the hardest part can be reaching out and asking for help. You can find more information on other services offered to Utah veterans at here.